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GCSE Music

Written by steve bramall


Music – BTEC Extended Certificate

No of Units:  4               Awarding Board: Edexcel        Course Code: MG768

Unit Outline:
Unit 1 – Working in the music industry
Unit 2 – Professional development in the music industry
Unit 3 – Planning and creating a musical product
Unit 4 - Solo musical performance

Completion of the BTEC first certificate is equivalent to one A*-C GCSE grade
Completion of the BTEC extended certificate is equivalent to two A*-C GCSE grades

BTEC first certificate
Unit 1 – Knowledge and understanding of the industry is worth 33%
Unit 2 – Solo Performance is worth 67%

BTEC Extended certificate
Unit 1 – Working in the music industry is worth 17%
Unit 2 – Professional development in the music industry is worth 17%
Unit 3 – Planning and creating a musical product is worth 33%
Unit 4 - Solo musical performance is worth 33%

Further Information:
BTEC Music is based on the practical skills of performance and a knowledge and understanding of the musical profession.  The course allows a great deal of freedom, particularly in the music you choose to perform. 

Units 1 and 2 enables learners to gain awareness and underpinning knowledge of the basic structure of the music industry, taking into consideration some of the roles undertaken by those working in it. Students will also consider the roles of people working in these organisations, specifically exploring those involved in the administration, promotion, performing and production of music events and products.

Students will learn to play/sing both confidently and accurately to an audience with a level of expression and interpretation in their work. Throughout the course students will explore repertoire for their chosen instrument and will make decisions as to which pieces they intend to prepare for performance. Students will be taught by qualified and successful peripatetic Music teachers. They will have access to a free twenty minute lesson once a week on their 1st study instrument. In the extended certificate they will plan, record and produce their own CD.

Student conferences, festivals, concerts, Diversity FM.

Possible Career Destinations:
BTEC music is a very useful subject for anyone interested in any kind of career in Music, either performing or recording, or for any student with a real love of music and sound.

For further information contact:      Mr M. Leadbeatter or Miss J.Donald

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