Kirkbie Kendal School Prospectus

05 Students’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is promoted exceptionally well. Diversity is celebrated across subjects. Ofsted Positive relationships between staff and students are a feature of our school that visitors comment on. These positive relationships enable our students to flourish, to gain confidence and to develop the resilience they will need for success in life. Our student council, well-being ambassadors and other student leadership roles enable our students to make a positive contribution to our community. We celebrate the achievements of our students and look for opportunities both within and outside of the curriculum to enable them to thrive. Our students are known and valued individuals who will be given every opportunity to succeed. Behaviour and pastoral care in the school is outstanding. At the heart of the pastoral care is the form tutor, who will stay with your child until the end of Year 11. We have close partnerships with parents and keep them informed through regular reports and parents’ evenings as well as newsletters and email. It is these positive partnerships and shared high expectations that enable our students to thrive. Care