Kirkbie Kendal Sixth Form Prospectus

Guidance We have a dedicated team of enthusiastic, specialist and experienced teaching staff who guide and support Sixth Form students. Guidance begins in Year 11, with an informal interview and induction day, plus talks with subject teachers. This will continue through to the UCAS process and on to university, apprenticeships, careers, further training or help in setting up a Gap Year. When you start in the Sixth Form, you will become a valued member of a small tutor group of students with a Form Tutor. Your Form Tutor will be your mentor who will support you to make sure that you fulfil your potential. Your tutor group will meet every day and the year group will meet once a fortnight to celebrate achievement and provide enrichment information. Events such as careers talks, presentations and university visits will help you to plan your future whilst maximising your time in school. Students receive a Full Report once a year, plus regular Interim Grade Sheets reporting progress. At Parent/Carer Evenings, students and parents/carers have the opportunity to talk through academic progress with their subject teachers. Parents can request a progress review at any time by contacting the Head of Sixth Form. These crucial reporting points help to keep you and your parents/carers up to date with your academic progress in the Sixth Form, as well as how you are developing as part of our Sixth Form community. 09 Students receive good care, guidance and support from academic and pastoral staff. Ofsted