Computer Science

No of Units: 3Awarding Body: OCRCourse Code: J276

Unit Outline:

This course comprises three units:

  1. Programming and computation
  2. Computer systems, Networks, Cyber Security and software development
  3. Programming project


80% of the course is assessed by traditional written examination. The remaining 20% is assessed a controlled assessment. This is essentially coursework but the work is produced in a controlled environment to ensure fairness.

For the controlled assessment unit, work is assessed against criteria in bands. It is assessed internally in school but is then moderated outside of school. For the exam based units, the scripts are sent to the Exam Board and are marked externally.

Further Information:

Computing is no small undertaking and this is a difficult, academic subject. It requires students to be dedicated to the course and their studies. This course is aimed at students who are considering a career in the field of ICT or Computing or indeed, any scientific / technical career path. Some of the aspects which will be covered include:

  • Computer programming using the Python 3 programming language. By the end of the course students will be able to write computer code in order that they can create meaningful programs.
  • Computing architecture. We will strip and rebuilt machines in order to learn how a computer functions and what the various components do.
  • Binary logic. Learn to count like a computer does in 1s and 0s!
  • Data types and their representations. In this section we investigate how data is stored.
  • Cyber security. Students learn how real world encryption works.
  • Networking. Students gain a working knowledge of networking
  • The internet. The internet is a complex structure comprising many disparate networks.

Possible Career Destinations:

It is a fantastic pre-course for A-level computing or indeed A-level ICT. If you are considering computing, Software engineering, Network Administration, Software Design, Business Analysis, Maths, Physics or any of the Engineering subjects, computing is a must. As a difficult GCSE, it is looked upon favourably by employers and educational establishments alike. It can be used for the Science element of the EBacc.

For further information, contact: Miss J. King