Results and Destinations

A Level Results 2023

Well done to our students, for another year of excellent A level results. Over a third of grades awarded were A or A*.

Mark Harris, Headteacher said, “Congratulations to all of our students who are collecting their results today. Their hard work has been rewarded with an excellent set of results which is the launch pad to move on to exciting futures at some of the best universities around the country and abroad, high level apprenticeships with some fantastic local firms and amazing gap year experiences. This is the first set of external exams that these students have taken in an exam hall due to the impact of Covid and the fact that they have achieved so much is testament to their resilience.

The range of our students’ achievements is outstanding, from Art to Spanish with everything in between. Some of the A level Art work displayed at our performing arts showcase in June was of professional quality and this is reflected in the results. Our students’ hours of conversational Spanish practice paid off with their grades. Many of our students took a fourth A level or completed an Extended Project Qualification alongside their A levels.

This group of students have contributed so much to the school throughout their time in Sixth Form, with their charity fundraising, their work with younger students and contributions to sporting and music events. They have been excellent ambassadors for the school and we wish them well with their many exciting plans and look forward to hearing of their further success in the future.”

A Level Results 2022

Well done to our amazing Year 13.

  20222021 Centre Assessed2020 Centre Assessed2019
A*/A44% (36% national)47% (44% national)46%22% (25% national)
A*/B61% (62% national)71% (70% national)75%60% (51% national)
A*/C86% (82% national)88% (88% national)87%72% (76% national)

Mark Harris Headteacher “Well done to all of our Year 13 students who have picked up their grades today. The hard work of our students and their teachers has been rewarded with a fantastic set of results – just under half of the grades were A*/A.  It is great to see students moving on to exciting university courses and high level apprenticeships. These students have shown great resilience and have coped brilliantly with the disruption caused by Covid. These students did not get the opportunity to sit their GCSEs and so these were the first set of external exams they have faced and they have performed superbly. The independent learning skills they had to use over lockdown will stand them in good stead in their future education and employment. 

It is another year of excellent sixth form results. We are very proud of all our students have achieved and their contributions to our school community. We wish them well and they now become part of our Kirkbie Kendal Alumni.”

Retention Figures

Year 1236%50%58%43%
Year 1397%94%88%92%