Awarding Board: N/ACourse Code: N/A



Further Information:

Lifeskills is a course that combines the study of Philosophy and Ethics, PSHE and Citizenship. Students are taught using engaging, creative and innovative styles of teaching.

Throughout their course (Year 10 only), students will be challenged to develop their knowledge and understanding of topics including: staying safe, healthy living, political ideologies, relationships education, philosophy, diversity and economic well-being. Lifeskills aims to develop in our students the knowledge, understanding and skills they need to manage their lives, now and in the future, so they can grow up as healthy individuals who can make informed decisions about their lives.

Students will be encouraged to express their views and ideas and develop their ability to present plausible and well-considered arguments for and against various topics. This style of learning and teaching will aim to develop critical thinking skills, higher order thinking skills, debate, discussion, imagination and creativity.

Possible Career Destinations:

The skills that will be developed throughout the course will be of great benefit to all students. By developing the skills outlined above they can show to employers they have demonstrated these employability skills. Those progressing on to A Levels will benefit from the development of their analytical and higher order thinking skills. The ability to listen to issues and discuss them in a well-rounded and reasoned way involves skills that will be of value to all potential employers and universities.

For further information, contact: Mrs C. Barker, Mr A. Brennand, and Ms N. Biggs