Music Tuition

Music at Kirkbie Kendal School

We are proud at Kirkbie Kendal to be able to offer our pupils a wide range of individual instrument lessons taught by a range of highly qualified and highly skilled teachers.

The KKS Peripatetic Staff

GuitarMichael Atherton
Piano Claire Windsor, Emma Gibbard & Charlotte Curwen
WoodwindJohn Woodhouse
BassoonCharlotte Curwen
VoiceClare Eccles, Bethany Moss & Judith Gardner-Jones
DrumsPhil Middleton
BrassDave Higson
StringsDebby Howie

How do individual lessons work?

We have a range of teachers who visit the school once or twice a week. Once completing the booking forms and returning these to school, the teacher will contact home giving information on when lessons will start. The lesson times are also on display on the music noticeboards in the CAPA block.

Will my child miss normal lessons?

In years 10-13, students are normally taught during breaks and lunchtimes. However, lower down the school students will miss parts of lessons. Your child’s teacher will ensure that this works on a rota basis so they should not repeatedly miss the same lesson.

How much will the lessons cost?

Lessons normally last for 20 minutes and are charged at £9.45 per lesson. These will be billed by, and payable to, the teacher (except in the case of county teachers where you will receive a bill from school). Children of families with income support are entitled to free lessons. Please ask for further information. Pupils studying music at GCSE and A Level also receive subsidised lessons.

Can my child have a group lesson?

This is difficult to answer as it depends on the instrument and the stage of the pupil. Generally, individual lessons are best, however in some cases group lessons can be arranged. Please ask for details.

What to do now

To arrange for your child to have individual music lessons, please complete a Booking Form ( attached on the website and available from Miss Donald) giving as much information as you can. You will then be contacted with the name of the teacher and the time of the first lesson.

If you require any further information about any aspect of the music department please do not hesitate to contact Ms Jen Donald at