Health & Social Care OCR Cambridge National Certificate

No of Units: 4Awarding Board: OCRCourse Code: J811

Unit Outline:

Over the two years’ students will study 4 units of work:

4 Mandatory Units:

  • RO21 – Essential values of care for use with individuals in care setting
  • RO22 – Communicating and working with individuals in health and social care and early years’ settings
  • RO29 – Understand the Nutrients Needed for Good Health
  • RO31 – First Aid


There is one examined unit RO21
The rest of the course in internally moderated coursework where the students will complete 3 Coursework Units.

Students can achieve a Distinction* at Level 2 which is the equivalent to an 8/9 at GSCE to a Pass at Level 1, which is the equivalent to a 1.

Further Information:

Students will put together folders of evidence meeting the course’s assessment criteria. There are a range of activities that will be assessed over the two-year course.

  1. Presentations
  2. Folder Work
  3. Role Plays
  4. Practical Tasks
  5. Audio and Video Assessment

The course is vocationally based and guest speakers and visits will be arranged to help enhance the delivery of the course and students’ learning.

The Certificate is equivalent to one GCSE.

What next? For further information, have a look at or see Mr J. Shepherd.

Possible Career Destinations:

The course will enable students to go on and gain a Level 3 Cambridge Technicals Diploma in Health and Social Care at KKS 6th form. It will also be useful for those students seeking jobs in health, social or early years’ settings. Employment in the services, emergency services, the NHS and other careers such as psychologists, social workers, teachers and many more

For further information, contact: Mr J. Shepherd