Land Based Studies

No of Units: 10Awarding Board: PearsonCourse Code:601/8562/4

Unit Outline:

This is a Level 1 course equivalent to GCSE grades 1 – 3. It is a practical course assessed by coursework. Students will be invited on to this course and it takes up 2 of the 4 timetable blocks.


10 units are covered and these will be chosen from the list below:

  • Finding Out About the Land-based Sector
  • Caring for and Feeding Animals
  • Moving and Accommodating Animals
  • Growing Plants
  • Caring for and Keeping Plants Healthy
  • Using Workshop Tools in a Land-based Setting
  • Using Land-based Machinery
  • Preparing Soil for Planting
  • Developing Estate Maintenance Skills
  • Maintain the Health of Animals
  • Being Organised
  • Developing a Personal Progression Plan
  • Working with Others
  • Researching a Topic


All Units Are Internally Assessed And Are In The Form Of A Coursework Portfolio.

Further Information:

The Land Based Studies course aims to give students an understanding of the wide range of opportunities for employment available in the Land Based sector. It takes up two of the four subject choices and takes one day a week. Most of the teaching takes place out of school. The course runs on a 3 week cycle where week 1 is spent on a farm, week 2 at Grizedale Forest and then week 3 at a variety of locations including a garden centre, school grounds and other Land Based sectors.

Possible Career Destinations:

Work within estate management, game keeping, horticulture, forestry or farm industry.

For further information contact: Mrs. S. Nicholl or Mr. M. Harris