GCSE PE & Cambridge National in Sport Science

No Of Topics: 8Awarding Body: AQACourse Code: 8582

Assessment: 2 exams: Both 1 hour 15 minutes and worth 78 marks EACH (30% of the course EACH)

Paper 1 The Human Body and Movement in Physical Activity and Sport (worth 30%)

  • Topic outline: Applied anatomy & physiology, movement analysis, physical training & date use

Paper 2 Socio-cultural Influences and well-being in Physical Activity and Sport (worth 30%)

  • Topic outline: Sports psychology, socio-cultural influences, health, fitness and wellbeing.

Practical Performance – (worth 30%)

Students will be assessed in 3 activities taken from a given AQA list (1 team sport, 1 individual sport and 1 of either team or individual). Students MUST compete in formal competitions or events in each of their chosen sports.

Coursework – (worth 10%)

  • Students will write about 1 sport, stating their strengths and weaknesses. They must then create a training plan to improve their weakness and apply theory to their other weakness.

This course is a serious step up from core P.E. It is an academic subject with weekly homework and theory tests. Students must be committed to competing in a variety of sports throughout the course. Being an active member of the school sports teams is essential to enhance your learning.

Cambridge National in Sport Science

No Of Units: 3Awarding Body: OCRCourse Code: J828

Assessment: Pupils will complete 3 units in total

Unit R180 – Compulsory – Exam – Reducing the risk of sports injuries and dealing with common medical conditions (1 hr 15 minutes) (Worth 40%)

Unit R181 – Compulsory – Coursework – Applying the principles of training: fitness and how it affects skill performance (Worth 40%)

Students must then complete 1 other coursework unit (Worth 20%); as a department we choose the option best suited to the student from the list below:

R182 – The body’s response to physical activity and how technology informs this
R183 – Nutrition and sports performance

Students achieve Distinction*, Distinction, Merit or Pass grades. The Cambridge National is equivalent to 1 GCSE and is a vocational alternative to the GCSE PE course.

Possible career destinations: Past students have gone on to our 6th form to study our Sport and Physical Activity courses, or into careers after year 11. Future career pathways are varied, including: Teaching, Coaching, Physiotherapy, Nursing, Outdoor Education, Active Leisure & Business, Professional Performer, Leisure Assistant/Management, Personal Training.