Course Outline:

The new Mathematics specification is designed to reflect the change of emphasis in mathematics teaching. This means an increased focus on

  • Applying mathematics in context
  • Problem solving
  • Reasoning
  • Functional elements of mathematics.

This new specification will encourage a teaching and learning approach that is enriching and engaging for all learners. It concentrates on the mathematical knowledge and applications that are most accessible and relevant.


All of our students will follow a course leading to a linear maths exam. There will be three exam papers at the end of Year 11, two calculator, and one non-calculator. They carry equal weighting.

Further Information:

GCSE Mathematics offers all students the opportunity to develop their mathematical thinking and problem solving skills. All students study Mathematics at GCSE.

You will take part in lessons which allow you to develop the knowledge and skills you gained at KS3, knowledge and skills which employers will expect you to have acquired at school and which will also be useful in other subjects. You will be involved in activities as well as working from textbooks and worksheets.

We subscribe to the MyMaths and Mathswatch websites which students will use for revision as well as for homework.

Possible Career Destinations:

A good grade in GCSE Mathematics is considered essential by many employers in almost all fields of employment. Maths is not a subject on its own, but a set of tools or way of thinking. Almost any area you can think of has a need for mathematicians.

For further information, contact: Mr D. Causey