Uniform and Appearance

At Kirkbie Kendal School uniform is an important part of school life. We recommend that you order online: 

Extreme Weather: In cases of extreme cold weather, a plain, white short-sleeved t-shirt may be worn under a shirt. Students will be advised (usually by the School website) if alternative footwear may be worn in snowy conditions. An extra layer (such as a dark fleece) may be worn inside a coat in extreme weather.

PE Kit: The correct kit must be brought to each PE lesson, including a change of footwear.  PE kit is stocked by Kendal Sports (Tel: 01539 721554; website: www.kendalsports.co.uk.
NB: PE Hoodie is purchased from the School stockist (Coniston Corporate).

We expect high standards in everything we do and this includes students’ appearance in PE; having the correct kit that is named is important. It is also important for students to be able to change into clean, dry clothes and socks after each PE lesson.

KKS Polo TopKKS Rugby Shirt
KKS Skort or games shortsKKS T- shirt (for indoor and summer use)
Red Socks*KKS Black (rugby) Shorts
Trainers (non-marking soles)KKS White Shorts (for indoor and summer use)
Red Socks*
Trainers (non-marking soles)
Football Boots (for use on grass)
KKS Hoodie (no other hoodies/sweatshirts allowed)KKS Hoodie (no other hoodies/sweatshirts allowed)
Black under layer top/bottoms*Black under layer top/bottoms*
Black, plain sports leggings (no mesh)*
KKS Tracksuit bottomsKKS Tracksuit bottoms
Shin guards*Shin guards*
Mouth guards – recommended for rugby and hockey; we advise they are professionally fitted.Mouth guards – recommended for rugby and hockey; we advise they are professionally fitted.

*These items are not KKS crested and can be sourced elsewhere

Please name all uniform, rucksacks, coats and PE kit bags.

Please click here to see our uniform page.