Dress Code

Sixth Form Dress code:

The dress code aims to give some suggestions of smart-casual clothing. 

We have removed the gender specific aspects, so everyone can wear what they feel comfortable in.

Students should feel comfortable and able to express their individuality while also dressing smartly and appropriately for the Sixth Form environment.

Suggested items:

  • Collared shirt (full-buttoned or polo)
  • Jumper/Sweater 
  • Suit
  • Tie
  • Blouse or suitable top (no cropped tops / beach wear items)
  • Jacket/blazer 
  • Dress or pinafore 
  • Trousers (but no joggers / sweat pants)
  • Suitable length skirt
  • Smart and suitable footwear – think about the Cumbrian weather!
  • Coat – warm & waterproof!

Think SMART!