Sparx Maths

How can I access Sparx Maths?

It can be accessed via the website

How does Sparx homework work?

Sparx personalises each child’s homework, creating a weekly set of questions tailored to their level of understanding and learning pace. The questions are designed to be achievable whilst offering the stretch that learners need to make progress.

Each week, topics are set by your child’s maths teacher and will make up the majority of the homework questions. Questions from previous topics will also be included in the homework so that students can keep practising the skills they have learned.

How can I help my child with their homework?

We appreciate that you will of course want to support your child with their home learning but please try not to help them with a question until they’ve had a go first! It is really important that they complete their homework independently, and that questions are marked as correct. They can watch the support video if they need to. This way, Sparx can make sure your child continues to see homework that’s at the right level for them.

Why are there bookwork checks, and how do they work?

We believe that a good standard of bookwork is very important in helping students to embed good practice, and to help them and their teachers to keep track of any misconceptions.

In Sparx, every question is accompanied by a ‘bookwork code’.

Your child should write this down, and then write their workings and answer next to the code.

When they are asked for the answer they gave for a particular bookwork code, they need to give the exact answer they wrote down, even if it was wrong.

XP Boost and Independent Learning

For students who want to challenge themselves after each homework they have the option of completing ‘XP Boost’ questions. These questions are designed to stretch a student’s thinking further.

The Independent Learning section allows any student to access any topic by themselves. They can complete interactive questions after watching videos on a new topic. This section is particularly good for completing revision prior to a test.

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